DNA damage repair proteins

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A project of the UCSC Center for Biomolecular Engineering and the Cleaver Lab of the UCSF Cancer Research Center.

This is a mockup site for what we hope will eventually be a clearinghouse site for information about the proteins involved in repairing DNA damage. We have not got funding to build this site, so progress will be slow.

Tutorials on DNA damage and repair

Other web sites for DNA repair protein annotations

Eventually each of the major DNA-repair proteins should have a link to a page of detailed information. For now, there are just incomplete sample pages for end5_bpt4, uvde, xpa, and xpd.

Direct Base Repair

This page is for enzymes that work by directly reversing recognized damage to bases.

Mismatch Repair

This page is for enzymes that work by removing nucleotides during (or just after) replication that do not pair properly with the template strand.

page needed here for ligases?

page needed here for base excision repair (glycosylases, AP repair)

page needed here for translesion bypass (RecA) and recombinational repair (rad51, rad52)?

Prokaryotic Nucleotide Excision Repair

This page describes the UVRABC excision repair system which has been studied extensively in E. coli, and has homologs in many prokaryotes. The draft page is currently very rough, and does not yet have any pointers to pages for the three proteins of the system.

Eukaryotic Nucleotide Excision Repair

There are links to draft pages for XPA and XPD on the eukaryotic nucleotide excision page.

Non-homologous End Joining

Non-homologous end-joining repairs double-stranded breaks in DNA.

page needed here for cell-cycle checkpoints that detect DNA damage?