HMM-based Protein Structure Prediction, SAM-T02 Testing Page

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This site is obsolete

This site is obsolete and is maintained only for doing historical comparisons, to document improvements in methods. Please use the newer server at

This page now uses browser-based delivery.

To receive the url of your results page by email, check the email-results-url box. For the benefit of certain meta servers, we have also provided an option for getting some of the results by e-mail in CASP-formatted files.

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Either cut and paste your FASTA-formatted sequence in the box below or upload it from a file on your local system. Remember that the FASTA format requires a ">" symbol as the first character of the first line, with the ID of the sequence immediately following (no spaces). The SAM-T02 server is not as tolerant of sloppy input as some of our other servers. At this time, SAM-T02 will only process one sequence at a time, and the amino acids must all be in upper case.

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Please read the explanation of common errors on our SAM-T02 Frequently-asked Questions page. If you do not find a solution to your problem there, please inform us at