SAM-T2K and support vector machine GPCR predictions taken from Affymetrix
human genome peptide predictions

We have screened a list of Affymetrix gene predictions from the Oct. 7, 2000 U.C. Santa Cruz assembly of the human genome for peptides which are strong hits to hidden Markov models built for Class A, Class B, Class C, and Frizzled/Smoothened GPCRs.

Each screening currently includes, for each genomic peptide sequence:

[Class A GPCRs]

[Class B GPCRs]

[Class C GPCRs]

[Frizzled/Smoothened GPCRs]

WARNING! This list is out of date!

It is based on predictions from an old assembly of the human genome.

You can view the results of our screen of a list of genes from the NCBI RefSeq database, based on a recent asssembly, by clicking here