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The Computational Biology group at UCSC is dedicated to the discovery and implementation of algorithms that facilitate the understanding of biological processes. Our work emphasises the application of statistical and machine learning techniques. Because these methods are often compute-intensive, we strive to create algorithms and heuristics that are computationally efficient on serial and parallel computers. Members of the group study the primary (sequence), secondary (folding), and tertiary (3-dimensional) structures of DNA, RNA and protein sequences.

We are part of the UCSC Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering

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Read an overview of our research from UCSC's Review magazine including the main bioinformatics article that includes pictures from the Kestrel sequence analysis engine, and a sidebar on protein folding.

We had an informal post-CASP Bioinformatics Workshop on Fri December 8 and Sat Dec 9, 2000. This workshop replaced the Bay Area Bioinformatics meeting for December 2000. We're doing it again in 2002 after CASP5: 2nd Biennial UCSC Symposium on Bioinformatics.

The Computation Biology group is supported in part by NSF grant DBI-9808007, NSF grant MIP-9488395, DOE grant DE-FG03-99ER62849, LACOR grant 4158U0015-3A-01, and by GANN and NSF graduate fellowships.

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