A good question one could ask is "With all the relational database management systems available today, why do we need another one?" There are five reasons. They are:

A more through discussion of why this type of relational database structure makes sense is found in the book, "UNIX Relational Database Management", Reference #2.

It is assumed that the reader has at least a minimum knowledge of the UNIX Operating System, including knowledge of Input/Outout redirection (e.g., STDIN, STDOUT, pipes).

The RDB system was implemented in the PERL programming language on a SUN Sparc I computer.

This document presents information in the following order: The DATA section describes the structure of the data, with examples. There is a general discussion about operators in the section on OPERATORS, followed by several sub-sections, one for each operator in alphabetic order. Each has detailed instructions for use, and examples. There are sections describing selection of information using multiple operators, producing reports, and generating new rdbtables (data files in RDB format).