The operators are separate program modules that each perform a unique function on the data. They can be grouped into data movers, report generators, and utilities.

The data movers are operators that extract or rearrange the data in some way. They each read an rdbtable via STDIN and write a rdbtable via STDOUT and so are frequently connected using the UNIX pipe function to form a larger task. Each operator in such a "pipeline" style of operation gets its input from the output of the previous operator in the "pipeline". The data movers include:

The report generators each read an rdbtable via STDIN and produce a report on STDOUT, so when they are in a "pipeline" of operators they will be the operator at the end. The report generators are:

The utilities are used for manipulating the structure and content of rdbtables and are generally used as separate tasks. The utilities are:

All operators take a '-help' option to show details of operation online. Following is a sub-section for each operator, in alphabetic order.