UCSC Symposium on Bioinformatics:
Predicting the structure and function of proteins

(Informal post-CASP Workshop)
Earth & Marine B206
University of California, Santa Cruz
8-9 Dec 2000

I would like to invite all the attendees of CASP4 to stay on the Central Coast an extra couple of days for informal talks at UCSC. Other bioinformatics researchers who'll be in the Monterey Bay Area are also welcome.

The symposium is Friday Dec 8 and Sat Dec 9. People (mainly attendees of the CASP4 conference on prediction of protein structure) were invited present any interesting work they have done recently as half-hour talks. Ideally, they will be talking about something different from any presentation they might give at CASP. By scheduling the symposium after CASP there will be no "scooping" of CASP results.

There will be no refereeing of papers, no proceedings, no money involved. We won't be arranging hotels, meals, or any of the other things that can complicate running a conference. (It is the off-season for Santa Cruz hotels, so finding a reasonably-priced room should not be hard.) This Google search for Santa Cruz hotels will provide some more complete listings.

***A cocktail social will be held on Thursday, December 7th from 7PM to 10PM at the West Coast Santa Cruz Hotel, with food and drinks, hosted by Paracel. Maps and directions can be found at: Map and directions to Social.***

There will be a list of local bars and restaurants available at the workshop, so that people can gather informally in small groups Friday evening.

My motivation in doing this is to get a bunch of interesting speakers to talk at UCSC. The incentive for others is an excuse to stay a little longer in California, and perhaps to talk about some more speculative work that isn't ready for a real conference or journal publication.

We have already scheduled all 20 speakers, and begun to form a waiting list. Scheduled speakers can give up their slots to a specific person on the waiting list, if there is a talk they would rather hear. (Please do so well in advance, so the schedule and waiting list can be properly adjusted.) If a scheduled speaker becomes ill or is otherwise unable to speak, those on the waiting list will be invited to speak, first-come-first-served.

Registration is FREE but necessary. If people could contact Maria Guarino ( mariapg@cse.ucsc.edu ) and let her know

The closest parking lots are located at Hahn Student Services, Sinsheimer Labs and Baskin Engineering (refer to map).

Incidentally, we are recruiting for eight faculty positions relevant to bioinformatics---see http://www.cse.ucsc.edu/centers/cbe/fac_openings.html for details.

This announcement can be found at http://www.cse.ucsc.edu/research/compbio/workshop-2000.html