Schedule for Third
UCSC/QB3 Symposium on Bioinformatics

Engineering Auditorium
University of California, Santa Cruz
2-3 Dec 2006

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This is the tentative schedule of speakers for the workshop—changes may be made at any time as more speakers volunteer or speakers drop out. We can easily add an extra speaker each day at the end of the day.

Saturday 2 Dec 2006

9:00slot still open
9:45Coffee break
10:15Huzefa Rangwala Using discriminative models for selecting the best folds
11:00Chen Keasar Rare structural features as indicators of catalytic residues
11:45Lunch on your own
1:30Bernhard Rupp Maps and drugs and rock & roll
2:15Chen-Hsiang Yeang A general model of coevolution
3:00Coffee break
3:30Silvia Crivelli Graphical environments for protein modeling
4:15Pawel Winter Reconstructing protein structure from solvent exposure using tabu search

Sunday 3 Dec 2006

9:00David Deamer There's something about a nanopore
9:45Coffee break
10:15Thomas Huber Structure determination using a combination of chemical crosslinking, mass spectrometry, and molecular modelling
11:00Robert Baertsch Drug-Binding and the Structure of the V-ATPase
11:45Lunch on your own
1:45David Haussler Reconstructing the evolutionary history of the human genome
2:30Coffee break
3:00David Bernick New Biology from the Extremes—comparative genomics of Pyrobaculum
3:45Guanglei Cui Quantum-mechanics flavored scoring functions for protein structure evaluation