T0599 model 1

UCSC/QB3 Symposium on Bioinformatics
Friday December 10, 2010

The main announcement can be found at http://compbio.soe.ucsc.edu/workshop-2010.html

9:00–9:45Thomas Huber Bioinformatic/experimental hybrid approaches: Protein structure determination with paramagnetic probes
9:45–10:15cofee and tea
10:15–11:00Jerry TsaiConstructing a Useful Definition of Tertiary Structure
11:00–12:00Krishna RoskinPast, Present, and Future of Sequence Alignment
1:15–2:00Andrew UzilovFragSeq: transcriptome-wide RNA structure probing using high-throughput sequencing
2:00–2:45Juyong LeeDe novo protein structure prediction by dynamic fragment assembly and conformational space annealing
2:45–3:15cofee and tea
3:15–4:00Manel CampsMapping polymerase replication in the cell using mutation footprinting